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The area where the B&B is located is called "Roman Quadrilatero", because of its origins linked to the fact that in ancient Romans times, it used to be a camp for soldiers.

Even today the original structure is still visible, with the Decumanus Maximus (now Via Garibaldi) as a main street, and the Cardus (now Via Milano) as the secondary street, cfrossed by numerous smaller perpendicular streets.
The ensemble forms the well known orthogonal network of streets that characterize Turin.

Turin, a geometrical city. Turin, the Baroc city.

In the quadrilatero you will be able to find both these architectural and urban elements.

In the irregular structure of the streets, one can see the signs of the numerous extensions of the first urban site: exquisite 1600 and 1700 buildings that were built precisely on the occasion of the  first architectural projects of expansion of the city.

The Consolata sanctuary, situated in the charming square that carries its name, dominates and protects the area.

The history tells us this was the only building that, despite its location by the external walls, survived the French invasions. One single bomb hit the sanctuary but ... it never exploded, and it is kept a memory of the past.

The Quadrilatero is the real heart of the city, not only from a historical point of view but also because of the multitude of things that it offers during the day and ... during the night. The area around the B&B is almost completely pedestrian.

You will be able to find lots of charming and cosy places where to stop and read your guide book, write your memories or simply to rest for a while between exciting sightseeing, possibly testing one of the traditional drinks of Turin.

You will be surprised by the number and beauty of typical restaurants, wine bars, pubs that serve huge aperitifs at a very competitive price.

In the numerous restaurants of the area you will be able to try the best of Piemontese cuisine, as well as Roman, French, Japanese, Moroccan food.

Few blocks away from the B&B, you will find the famous, colourful and lively "Porta Palazzo": a characteristic and immense square that every day hosts the largest open market in Europe. Here you will be able to buy ANYTHING you might ever desire to buy: from food from the entire globe to garments and houseware. The market is one of the favourite spots for Turinese people, who adore wandering around here on Saturday morning, to buy fresh fish, delicious deserts and virtually anything else ... at an incredibly low price!!! Around Christmas each stalls switches on colourful lights in the evening making the entire atmosphere just magic.